All works are carried out carefully to the highest standards

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Work specifications

Your existing asbestos garage roof sheets are made up of White Chrysotile cement bonded fibres which normally contain around 10 to 15 % of asbestos they were commonly used up until the late 1970s and being cement bonded are considered low risk as long as the fibres are not excessively disturbed.

Asbestos Roof Sheet Disposal

When we remove your existing asbestos roof sheets they are removed carefully in whole sheets and placed on a covered vehicle for disposal in a registered waste container in our yard under current Environment Agency guidelines.


The Garage does not have to be cleared as long as there is access through the middle.

The composite sheets are fixed with drill screws with bonded washers. These are drilled into your timber or metal joists to form a secure weather tight seal.

All sheets are laid in one length to iliminate joints. The cover width is 1metre and the core insulation is 40mm.

composite roof sheet

Available in a range of colours here.....


The insulation value of the PUR insulation is very effective this bridges the temperature between the outside and the inside stopping the condensation.

Maintenance free roof

The roof is finished off by matching purpose made flashings to ensure a weather tight finish.

Once finished you are left with a maintenance free roof which will not require replacing again.