The Permanent solution for your Asbestos Garage Roof

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IC Garage Roof Solutions have been dealing with the the replacement of garage roofs for over 15 years. A lot of our work comes from recommendation, so whatever your existing roof design, pent, apex or maybe even a combination, we have the permanent solution that will last a lifetime. We only cover the South East of England. Please click on the links for more information.



The Pent roof The Apex roof

The Condensation problem

If you are considering replacing your old asbestos roof the main problem will be replacing it with a material which will not condensate. Metal single skin materials will not give you the insulation properties required and you will forever suffer from condensation problems. 
Condesation problem with asbestos roof

Modern materials provide the permanent solution

Our roof panels are made up of a 40mm thick insulated PUR foam core sandwiched between an white inner steel liner sheet and a plastisol coated outer sheet this gives you a warm roof which will not condensate. These composite panels are lightweight strong and maintenance free.

Composite panels

A complete professional service

Our roofs are supplied with all the matching trims and flashings to provide a secure weather tight finish and once fitted will not require any on-going maintenance or need replacing again .

We can replace any Apex or Pent type roof and all sheets laid in one length with no joins they are interlocking and are mechanically fixed adding strength and rigidity to your garage structure.

All internal joists are checked and we will allow to replace any defective joist prior to the new roof being fitted. We can also quote to replace any defective guttering downpipes.

Weathertight roof Complete service with replacement rafters

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